We impart training to all our employees at the time of recruitment and on an on-going basis. We also provide site specific training to our employees when necessary. We believe training our personnel plays a key role in determining and maintaining the high standard & quality of our services, and that offering rigourous training to our men gives our force a distinct advantage over others in the field. We ensure that all officers assigned are smart, suitable, trained and well mannered and especially good ambassadors for your company, and for ours.

Along with providing physical and disciplinary training, we also impart training which covers elements of the following

  1. Access control
  2. Gate control
  3. Visitor screening
  4. Vehicle searching
  5. Recording information
  6. Perimeter patrolling
  7. Handling communications and security equipment
  8. Operation of Alarms and Closed Circuit TV's
  9. Fire-fighting
  10. First aid
  11. Emergency response measures
  12. Maintenance of law and order on site.
  13. Reporting suspicious activity
  14. Coordination with the local authorities and police
  15. Protection and maintanence of documents relevant to security.
  16. Staff mannerisms and telephone etiquettes.
Our Policies & Procedures
The key to minimizing the security risks is careful comprehensive planning coupled with professional expert implementation. We have gained trust and respect in the industry by following our policies and procedures.

Attire & Equipment:
We stress on the proper attire and equipment of our personnel. We provide a standard uniform, leather belts, boots, white anklets, caps and identity badge with photograph. In the monsoon season we provide rain coats, umbrella and gumboots. Our staff is equipped with torches, whistles, and batons all the time and binocolars, pagers, mobile phones whereever necessary,

Recruitment Policy:
Our Recruitment policy is based strictly on merits and assessment of skills. Our process is intensive - a thorough screening of records, references from previous employers.

We set stringent parameters for recruitment. This includes aptitude, education, age, physical fitness and background, even though a large percentage of our manpower comprises of ex-service men from the armed forces and paramilitary forces.

Constant Feedback: Feedback and control are an intrinsic part of our operations. Our managers/ supervisors conduct site visits every week for on the spot verification. Besides, We regularly assess the security requirements by speaking to the customer and provide security plans tailored to the needs of the customers. Customer dissonance or dissatisfaction if any is taken care of immediately.

Regular Night Checks:
Our supervisors conduct regular nightchecks to verify alertness, attendance to duty of our staff and also assess the security arrangements/ requirements of the site. The details of these measures are reported back to the management for their evaluation and action.

Personnel Rotation: In order to avoid extra familiarity and unwanted acquaintances, we rotate our personnel on a regular basis. If the client is not satisfied with any security personnel, he can seek replacements, which are usually provided at short notice. However, we reserve the right to change our staff at our clients' premises at any time and when necessary.